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Aug 23, 2022

Unique Restaurant to eat in Central Florida !

There's a lot to love about dining in Orlando - presentation, sizzling, and flavors that take you around the world. It is recommended that you stop by one of Orlando's expansive dining and nightlife districts if you have difficulty deciding what to eat until you see it. You'll have the option of choosing from MICHELIN Guide honorees, local legends, celebrity chefs, plenty of farm-to-table delights, and global cuisines.

Listed below are the top unique restaurant to eat in Central Florida Orlando.

The Hemisphere

Many people ask about airplane food deals but never about airport food. Particularly in the hemisphere! You will find this hidden gem on the 9th floor of MCO, where you'll be able to see planes flying across the sky. You can go directly from the airport security for access to this spot, an if you have extra luggage, you can use luggage storage Orlando airport or bag storage Orlando Airport services by Hold My Luggage Inc.This is the perfect place for a special date night or for treating yourself during the layover of your vacation.

Taverna Opa

The Taverna Opa restaurant is known for its authentic Greek food and traditional Greek experience from the heart of Orlando. The perfect combination of great Greek food and celebration is considered in this immersive restaurant experience situated right on International Drive. There is no doubt that the confetti of napkins surrounding you will lift your spirits.

Maxine's on Shine

With its safe atmosphere, Maxine's on Shine is a new American restaurant that offers a sexier and more intimate dining experience in downtown Orlando. It has been established at Maxine's, and they have done their best to elevate the experience of engaging others in an epicurean experience that is highly entertaining. A wide range of menu items can be found here, such as skillet chicken parmesan, fried green tomatoes and crab cakes, or stuffed trout, and you can finish it off with a key lime pie to satisfy your sweet tooth.


In Susumu, you will find izakaya, ramen, yakitori, and cocktails in an era of show-era retro-themed restaurants. It is where your taste buds will surely be craving food straight from Japan in no time!There are several traditional Japanese street foods that you can start with, such as gyoza with wings, yuku corn, and seaweed salad. Take a chance on tonkatsu, yakitori skewers, mi-so hot ramen, or short rib kushiyaki. In addition, you can have a delicious boba tea, a plum wine sangria, or a sour strawberry daiquiri to wash it down.

Haos on Church

There is nothing like Häos on Church Street in Orlando for dining and entertainment. You'll find something for every type of food here, from vegetarians to meat eaters.Various Mediterranean dishes can be found downstairs, Häos hamburgers, including tenderloin skewers, and vegan stuffed tomatoes that you can enjoy. The Häos restaurant even offers brunch every morning!

Mangos Tropical Cafe

Enjoy Cuban Conga, Tango, Brazilian Samba, a Michael Jackson tribute, Disco Fever, and other Latin-inspired performances at Mango's Tropical Café! You can enjoy one of these incredible shows while you enjoy a delicious three-course meal!Mangos Tropical Cafe is one of Orlando's hottest and most reputed restaurants. You can taste Cuban cuisine, listen to Latin music, enjoy unique cocktail options and enjoy an open-air tropical ambiance.

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