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Waiver of Liability



I, ______________________________, hereby release the company “Hold My Luggage” from any liability of the contents of my luggage. All contents of my luggage are my responsibility before pickup and after returning the luggage to me. My luggage does not contain any illegal weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia or items that may result in confiscation of my luggage by the GOAA and/or any representatives of Law Enforcement and their Agencies.

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Hold My Luggage does not accept liability for collectibles, artifacts, antiques, irreplaceable items, precious metals/stones, money, jewelry, silverware, keys, spirits, electronic devices, artistic items, paintings, works of art, personal documents, negotiable papers, natural fur products, heirlooms, photographic/electronic/video equipment and related items, computer hardware, software, electronic components, and equipment, sound reproduction equipment, business equipment, books and manuscripts, medicines, orthotics and optics, fragile or perishable items, musical instruments, radios, or framed items.

Your luggage is locked and secure when it is in our possession and it will remain that way upon its return. We will not be responsible for fragile items that may get damaged due to luggage handling and placement into our vehicles.

Scheduled pickup and return are your responsibility. If you require a change of schedule and we are holding your luggage, please call us immediately to inform us of this change to ensure that we get your luggage to you on time. We must be informed of the change at least one (1) hour prior to the change. Calls Only!!! Please call (321) 888-0242 or (570) 236-9053.

I agree and understand the conditions set forth within this waiver of liability and shall leave my luggage to be held/stored with the company, Hold My Luggage in good faith. The luggage has been locked and secured by me, the owner. The storage of said luggage is solely at my expense.

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