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Aug 23, 2022

The unique things to do in Central Florida

Central Florida extends from Tampa to Daytona Beach, spanning the middle of the Sunshine State. Many tourists visit Orlando every year, and there are plenty of attractions and things to take advantage of if you venture out into the Central Florida area too. If you want to feel stress free during your vacation, then you can also take advantage of the services of Hold My Luggage Orlando. They will ensure that your luggage is taken care of during your trip.

Listed below are the unique things to do in Central Florida

Rainbow River 

This spring-fed river, which is sometimes referred to as "KP Hole," is one of the crown jewels of Central Florida. At Rainbow River Springs, which enjoys pristine blue water and tubing, there are six miles of river run fed by the spring head. There are many types of watercraft available on the river, motorized or non-motorized. 

Fort Island Beach

It is common for most people to think of beaches in Florida when you mention South Beach, Clearwater Beach or Daytona Beach. However, Fort Island Beach is probably unknown to most people living on Florida's west coast. Anyone who enjoys spending the day at the beach will find Ford Island Beach the perfect place to go.  At Fort Island Beach, you will see the beautiful white sand, clear water, and there are hardly any crowds.

Devils Den Spring

There is something very special about Florida's springs. In the state, there are over 700 springs. Nevertheless, the Devil's Den is a unique and special place to visit. To find this eerier spring below the ground, you must be brave enough to take the journey along a medieval stone staircase without knowing what lies ahead. 


Amphicars at Disney

Are you aware that there are cars capable of driving on water? There is no doubt that this is a crazy idea, but it is true. A German designer, Hans Trippel, came up with the idea of making cars that could be driven on land and then converted into a water car called an "amphicar". 

The Wonder House

A visit to central Florida is incomplete without taking in some of the fascinating histories of the region. There is no doubt that Florida is known for its theme parks and beaches, but it is also home to incredibly beautiful mansions that are filled with enchanting stories. In Bartow, Florida, the Wonder House was created by Conrad Schuck. It has been reported that Conrad was a spy who was of German heritage, and there are innumerable stories about him.

The Mermaids of Weeki Wachee 

The attraction is at Weeki Wachee Springs, a state park in Florida known for its live mermaids, which are quite famous in Florida. Aside from Buccaneer Bay, the park also houses Buccaneer Bay, Water Park. In Florida, the mermaid shows are full-blown productions that include a visual story, dancing, characters,and singing. Many people cancel their plan to visit this place due to lack of time. You definitely want to make time for the Mermaids of Weeki Wachee Florida!

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